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Seller Tips for a Successful GarageSaleIt Sale! 

GarageSaleIt is a marketplace where you can sell your second hand and pre-loved goods, directly to buyers locally and around the world. We want to make sure that you and your buyers have a positive experience on GarageSaleIt. Please read on to find out how to present your goods properly to your buyers and maximiase the result you achieve as a seller.


1. Planning

Take some time to wander around your home and make a list of all those possessions that do nothing more than take up space. We're talking about things like your old PlayStation, the treadmill you were sure you'd use every day, or those designer clothes in your wardrobe that are "so last season".

If you think they'd be worth something to someone, you've got nothing to lose by trying to sell them on Garage Sale It.


2. Pick a date well in advance

This will allow you time to prepare and comb through your belongings. It's amazing how much easier it is to part with things once you know that you will get some cash from selling a used item.


3. Make it apealling

If you really want your stuff to sell, you’ve got to make it look nice. Before you try to sell those things that have been collecting dust, actually clean them off! Fill bicycle tires and basketballs with air. Scrape the mud out of your kid’s old soccer cleats.

If something runs on batteries, be sure to test it and let the buyers know if it is in working order.  By going the extra mile can really make a big difference between selling your item or not.


4. Take good, well-lit pictures of items you’re trying to sell

Once you’ve decided to sell your items online, make sure you’re truly selling them. Avoid taking grainy, blurry, or dark photos of the item. Make sure it looks clean, and if possible, place it against a backdrop that makes it pop. If there are any cosmetic flaws in the item (like a small dent or area where paint is coming off), make sure you take a picture of that spot so buyers know exactly what they’re getting. 

You don’t have to be a professional photographer, but taking a high-quality photo can help sell your items much faster.


5. It’s all in the details ….

You should provide some detail about the items you’re selling. It doesn’t have to be a novel, but telling potential buyers about the item and why you’re selling it can be helpful. Prospective buyers may want to know measurements, whether the item is from a smoke-free and/or pet-free home, and why you’re getting rid of it.

It is also recommended that if you’ve hardly used the item and it’s basically like new, you should include that in your description. That barely touched gift from your aunt might be clutter to you, but it could be the perfect piece for someone else.


6. Name your price

Keep your prices realistic….

Remember, you want it gone from your house, so anything you get for it is better than nothing! 

The key to garage sale pricing and one of the top garage sale tips to remember is to be careful not to attach sentimental value to your things.  In other words – don’t overprice things!


7. What might be trash to you could be another person’s treasure…

In our disposable society we trash things instead of trying to fix them.

Next time you’re about to toss something out, think about whether someone else might be able to use it. Can a furniture piece be refinished? Could that broken electronic be used for parts? Might your great Aunt’s velvet painting be the springboard to an amazing new work of art? You’ve heard that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure right?