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This amazing online garage sale platform helps you convert unwanted items into cash
Don’t throw it, GarageSaleIt
We make it easy to list all your pre-loved goods for sale to your local community and beyond.

Why Sell with GarageSaleIt

Zero Commission Fees

Maximise your earnings with Zero Commission Fees! 
They are your products to sell so it should be your money to keep.

Sustainability Focused

Understand your positive impact on sustaining our environment with your very own automatic Impact Calculator. See how your sales reduce carbon emissions while giving your products a second life.

Buyers can find all your listings!

Your own micro-store ensures you can list many items easily and your listings won't get lost in a stream of sponsored ads and social media feeds.

Secure Payment Portal

By offering an integrated payment system, GarageSaleIt simplifies the buying process for customers and improves overall transaction safety. This translates into a smoother buying experience for buyers and ultimately benefits you - our sellers.

Localized selling

GarageSaleIt focuses on local selling. It allows sellers to connect with buyers in their local area, facilitating easier transactions, pickup arrangements, and reducing shipping costs.

Targeted audience

GarageSaleIt attracts a specific audience interested in garage sales and second-hand items. This means that potential buyers on the platform are more likely to be actively seeking your items, resulting in higher conversion rates and faster sales.

All Garage Sales Include:
Unlimited changes
Live performance tracking
Your own performance
and communication dashboard

How it works - Step by Step

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Step 1
Collect your pre-loved, gently-used, and no longer needed goods from around your home.
Step 2

Create a GarageSaleIt account by choosing your access period below.

Step 3

Create your listings with the help of our product and room categories.

Simply add your price, your own product images and further descriptions to make your listing as informative as you like.

Step 4

Send your garage sale live and share your personalised micro-store link.  

Benefit from buyers specifically looking for pre-loved goods in your local area.


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