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GarageSaleIt: The Marketplace Alternative

Our goal is to give you the simplest and most fun way to buy and sell preloved items online.

See how we compare to Marketplace below!


Secure Payment

Tired of suspcious transactions?
We provide a world class payment processing facility where buyers and sellers are both better protected.

Stake Your Claim

Tired of losing your items in buyers feeds!
Don't get lost in a feed of continous and non-stop information.
You get a unique web address where buyers can find you again and again - easily.

Browse / List Whole Rooms

Searching a room full of goodies just makes sense!
Searching for 1 specific item makes sense until it doesn't - remember, buyers actually browse in shops and markets.
So easily list a whole house or list a room to create more space - and have buyers buy more items easily.

Easy to Use and Manage

List and manage items quickly, easily and without fuss!
We've done all the work to make sure the hard becomes simple.  Our systems have been tested and retested to ensure everyone can manage multiple items and associated messages easily.

Helpful Support

Tired of not being able to contact anyone?
Frustrated with not being able to receive help when needed?  We're here to help and your success is our priority. 

Getting Started is EASY - Join Us Today!